Our company

We believe in building a future where compliance is easier and communities are less impacted. With technology and expertise, we're making that happen.

OpenCycle is backed by expertise

Our team, backed by Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering has been working with acoustical noise for decades across industries. We understand the value of managing noise, not only from a risk perspective, but from a societal perspective. We believe there is a better way for compliance to benefit both companies and society.

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Sustainability is at our core

We believe that compliance is about sustainability, not regulation. We're working to inform and help industries understand the impact they have on communities.

Working together to build better

We've consulted with teams for 40 years, working together to build better. With OpenCycle, we're taking the next step in collaborating and proactively making for better environments.

Giving back to our community

Patching Associates has been committed to giving back to the communities in which we work and live. We aim to make positive impacts in our communities and it is an integral part of our corporate culture. We know that we have an impact on, and a commitment to every community where we work. We support our communities by regularly volunteering and providing donations and sponsorships to local groups.

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