Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Will OpenCycle be enough for me to achieve noise compliance under regulations?

    OpenCycle can often be enough to determine noise compliance using Screening Noise Impact Assessments. If that is not sufficient, we'll work with your team to create a full Noise Impact Assessment or Mitigation Assessment.

  • What regions can use OpenCycle?

    We are currently operating in Alberta, British Columbia, Sasketchewan, and in a closed beta in Queensland, Australia.

  • How does OpenCycle accurately assess noise impacts?

    We use a combination of human expertise, proven noise impact algorithms, and our own proprietary information to ensure that we can accurately assess noise impacts.

  • Who is behind OpenCycle?

    Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering Ltd. is the company behind OpenCycle. We are a team of acoustical engineers and software developers who are passionate about making noise compliance easier for everyone, which we've done for the last 40 years.

  • How much does OpenCycle cost?

    OpenCycle is free to use to start. Once you need a Noise Impact Assessment, or any of the premium features, you'll need to subscribe.

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