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    Chief Executive Officer & Founder

    Justin Caskey

    For the past 20 years, Justin has been immersed in providing noise and acoustics consulting services, specializing in the energy and resources sector. His expertise spans all aspects of acoustical engineering; field data gathering; complaint investigations; noise mitigation design; regional planning and regulation development He is a member of TEC Canada and an active member of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce CEO Peer Network. Through hands-on client experience, Justin recognized the need for a simpler solution to manage noise compliance, which led to the creation of OpenCycle and the automation of compliance for noise emissions. Justin is the visionary behind OpenCycle and has assembled a strong leadership team and advisory network to scale the current platform in the future. He is a collaborative leader and is focused on developing strong partner relationships to turn this vision into reality. His goal is to make a lasting impact on the world by reducing the impact emissions have on people’s lives.

    Chief Strategy Officer

    Neeraj Gupta

    Neeraj is an angel investor and board member to several start-ups and Non Profit organizations. He is board advisor to Alberta IoT, board member at Collins Capital, Board member at Calgary Chambers and Immigrant Services Calgary. Neeraj is a strategic and technical advisor to OpenCycle and has an extensive network for funding including grants and investors. He is an expert on AI/ML/IOT, Product Management, Innovation Management, Strategy, International Business Expansion, Patent Consulting, Legal-tech, ESG, Board Governance, Supply Chain and Robotics..

    Chief Financial Officer

    Allison James

    Allison James is a Chartered Professional Accountant and the founding partner of two successful accounting firms in Western Canada. Her accounting practices, which grew an astounding 600% over four years, focus primarily on strategic tax and accounting advisory services for private businesses. Her experience includes 20 years of business accounting, strategic planning, and finance team management. Prior to founding her accounting firm, she spent five years at a boutique Vancouver accounting firm where she was primarily responsible for strategic tax and finance advisory projects as well as more than 10 years of accounting roles directly within business organizations. She has significant experience with corporate reorganizations and business sales and acquisitions, is extremely knowledgeable about cloud accounting and online accounting solutions and is particularly skilled at designing efficient accounting solutions and building accounting teams for businesses. She excels at problem solving and strategic planning and these days her work primarily focuses on strategic advisory and CFO services for growing organizations in Western Canada. Allison also serves on the Board of Directors for the Sunshine Coast Credit Union.

    Head Automation and Infrastructure

    Neil Morozumi

    Neil Morozumi joined Patching Associates Acoustical Engineering Ltd. in 2000 and began working on all types of acoustical assessments in Oil and Gas, Architectural, Industrial sectors eventually focusing on Transportation related projects. With a background in mechanical engineering, Neil brings a practical approach to acoustical engineering and assessments. His experience over 23 years with many types of projects across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba is demonstrated in his valuable input into noise mitigation and community engagement work including attendance at community open houses. In 2021, Neil transitioned to Head of Automation and Engineering where he is responsible for leading a full-time in-house team of software developers and data scientist with the goal of scaling internal processes though automation as well as the development and optimization of the company’s digital growth plan. Through this Neil has led the engineering team as well as deployment of commercial and prototype IoT sensors for customers in Alberta and BC. Given Neil’s extensive domain experience and his innate interest in process automation, he will provide essential knowledge and leadership in the transition from traditional engineering methodologies to the future driven by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

    Vice President Business Development

    Jeff Moe

    Jeff is a highly experienced business development executive with a proven track record of success in the engineering and technology industries. Jeff empowers every client to confidently and efficiently manage noise and vibration challenges and builds lasting relationships by listening and understanding their business objectives. Jeff is highly skilled at understanding and translating customer needs into business processes and supports customers through best practice methodologies to create value and improves ESG outcomes. As Vice President of Business Development, Jeff is instrumental in driving new business and expanding the company's reach into new markets. He is adept at identifying processes that can be automated to inform platform development. Jeff is responsible for leading business development teams in all jurisdictions and advancing partnership-led selling by finding and fostering partnerships to multiply the sales network.

    Head of Technology and Product

    Brett Klassen

    Brett Klassen’s career started in Psychology, where his study of neuroscience drew him into studying user experience and machine learning. Brett founded Field Creative in 2016, and as Head of Technology, worked to help a variety of small business, start-ups, and enterprise teams across industries develop products, websites, and applications. During that time, he also founded a charitable technology start-up and consulted for a variety of small businesses as a CTO. During his time at Field Creative, Brett was instrumental in developing the OpenCycle MVP and, in 2022, he joined Patching Associates as Head of Technology and Product to develop and advance the OpenCycle platform. Brett’s experience in the early development of the platform provides significant value as he understands the domain and can speak its language, which creates efficiencies and accelerates product development.

    Data Acquisition Lead and Field Operations

    Mackenzie (Mac) Kunz, E.I.T.

    Mac started at Patching Associates as a summer student during engineering school and joined the company upon graduating in 2015 as a technical lead. He is an energy and resources specialist with a particular interest in drilling and completions and project experience across western Canada, Colorado and Australia. Mac has been involved in public engagement, noise regulation development and feedback, complaint investigations, noise control procurement and specifications, and successfully launched a remotely piloted aircraft system program to expand Patching Associates’ data acquisition capabilities. In 2022, Mac became Data Acquisition Lead and oversees a team that collects, interprets and analyzes data from the field. His focus will be onboarding and training data collection personnel in other jurisdictions, developing and integrating additional sensor networks and utilizing Patching Associates’ extensive noise measurement database to further increase the accuracy and speed of OpenCycle’s prediction capabilities. The platform is only as good as the data powering it and Mac is essential to ensuring data received is accurate, credible and usable from an engineering perspective. His commitment to empowering others to grow will be critical to scaling the data acquisition team. Mac likes long walks on the beach, well designed and laid out gas plants and A/C electric drill rigs.

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