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Use OpenCycle to audit, manage, and monitor compliance across all of your sites, facilities, and operations. Scroll to see how we can help.

Risk planning

Assess risk before starting

Evaluate your risk profile before upgrading existing sites or breaking ground on new ones using our risk matrix to identify potential issues.

Risk planning

Audit your existing operations to find potential issues

Use powerful reporting & auditing tools to identify potential issues in your existing operations, or to audit your compliance.


Plan and organize compliance work

Assign tasks to your team or external contractors to ensure compliance work is completed on time and on budget


Plan based on real data

Use your internal data from your GIS and ERP systems by using our APIs, and work with OpenCycle experts to import validated compliance data for you to re-use.


Get expert help

Engage with trusted experts on the platform directly to produce regulatory documents or to get advice on how to mitigate issues


Track and manage issues

Track, log, and assign issues to your team as well as external teams to make sure issues are properly mitigated


Engage with key stakeholders

Use the platform to engage with key stakeholders and to share compliance data with them to ensure compliance and to build trust. Monitor emissions at key stakeholders and see them live.


Use our hardware to interface with sensors

Use our sensors to collect data from your operations and to validate compliance data, or bring your own and connect them to the platform.

Explore features

  • Teams

    Collaborate with external teams to coordinate work and share data.

    Operations overview

    Get a holistic view of all of your operations in one place.

  • Data quality

    Access high quality data for external operations to make better decisions.


    Easily communicate and understand progress on compliance goals.

  • Live monitoring

    Access live monitors to continously evaluate compliance performance in sensitive operating conditions.

    Issue tracking

    Track issues and assign them to the right people to resolve them quickly. Assign within your team or to external teams.

    Hardware (Beta)

    Connect hardware hubs to monitor compliance performance in sensitive operating conditions, or to connect existing hardware to the platform.

    Full operational audits

    Rapidly conduct full operational audits to ensure compliance with ESG standards or identify areas for improvement.

  • Forms

    Engage and collect information from your team or stakeholders with custom forms.

    Schedule and plan work

    Schedule, plan, and track work to ensure that you are meeting your compliance goals on time.

  • Control access

    Use granular access controls to control who can access what data.

    Explore risk

    Use a risk management assessment to explore potential risks to new development


Achieving compliance has never been easier

  • Assess your risk before breaking ground

    Free recon assessments allow you to accurately gauge regulatory risk in the proposal stages of a project.

  • Comply with regulation faster than anywhere else

    Our years of experience and platform allow us to assess and model risk quickly and accurately. Be confident while not loosing momentum with developing your next operational move.

  • Keep track of progress and communicate across your operations

    Get immediate feedback and access to documents, site information, and see your operations across the country.

  • Proactively monitor and assess over time

    With live monitoring and a full picture into operations across Canada, gain insight into when your site may be in regulatory risk due to changes.

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