Our impact

We create healthy and vibrant ecosystems by helping companies and governments build more sustainably with less work.

Sustainability is at our core

We believe that compliance is about sustainability, not regulation. We collaborate with industry and government to help them deliver more sustainable projects with less harmful impacts to people and the environment.

Emissions are increasingly affecting communities

Increases in stress, asthma, pollution, difficulty with sleep, and more are rising in the existing population. Studies are emerging that noise emission alone correlates with increases of diabetes, stress, and blood pressure and heart disease.


How we help


Guiding regulation

We work with regulators to guide new regulation to help protect communities and their environment. We helped shape noise regulations in Alberta and British Columbia, and have worked with regulators across Canada, Australia and the United States.


Helping discover

We work with innovative companies, universities and research institutions to uncover new ways to reduce emission impacts on communities and the environment.


Tracking impact

We work with operators to continuously track, monitor and report on their emissions impact on communities, and help mitigate any impact that does occur.

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